Statistically, prom night is one of the most dangerous driving nights of the year for teenagers. To help keep our teens safe, concerned parents and community members founded the Conestoga After Prom Celebration Organization (CAPCO) in 1998. Each year, volunteers plan, fund and host an all-night party following the Junior Prom. The After Prom party coordinated by CAPCO provides a safe, fun filled, alcohol- and drug-free celebration for CHS Juniors and their guests. CHS Seniors are always invited to attend as well, and many look forward to a second year of fun.

The parties have been held at Conestoga and offsite, featuring a variety of games, food, live entertainment, and prizes, all in an effort to make it the best place for teens to go after the prom – both for their enjoyment and for their safety. A classroom might become a giant Twister board, a café, or a photo booth. “Memory Lane” showcases photos of the juniors from their younger days, inviting guests to look back and remember the not-so-distant past. The transformation is so complete that when the event is held at the high school the community looks forward to seeing the changes at the annual “walk-through” – a preview party held while the juniors attend the Junior Prom.

Fundraising efforts help to keep the event free for Conestoga juniors and their guests while allowing Conestoga seniors to attend for a nominal cost. Junior families and area businesses have been generous with their support. All members of the community can easily contribute to the event by supporting our shopping fundraisers.

Volunteer efforts for each spring event typically begin in the fall. While Junior Class parents take the lead in planning the event for their students, parents from all classes as well as community members participate in the preparations. To find out how you can help with an upcoming event, visit our volunteer page.