1.When and where is the Junior Prom?
SAVE THE DATE!  Conestoga High School’s Junior Prom is on Saturday, May 9, 2009 and will be held at the Springfield (Delaware County) Country Club. The prom is an official school event, planned by a committee of students and led by faculty advisers. Prom ticket information will be available soon in newsletters and at school.

2.What is CAPCO?
CAPCO stands for the “Conestoga After Prom Celebration Organization”.  Separate from the school sponsored Junior Prom, CAPCO is a volunteer parent group dedicated to planning and hosting a social event after the Junior Prom ends. 

3.What is the goal of the after prom activity?
CAPCO has set as its primary goal the safety of our children. Statistically, prom night is one of the most dangerous driving nights for teenagers. The party provides a safe, fun filled, alcohol and drug free celebration for CHS students and their guests. It allows them to extend the prom evening experience in a relaxed and casual atmosphere, and avoids the risk of “poor choices” often associated with “private parties”.

4.What is the after prom activity for 2009?
This is CAPCO’s 11th year of hosting an after prom party. The committee has planned a fabulous party at Dave & Buster’s newly opened facility in Plymouth Meeting, PA. The entire facility will be reserved that evening for the exclusive use of Conestoga High School. 

The party will offer something for everyone - the inquisitive, the daring and the reserved!  The first level features a restaurant and pool tables, and the lower level includes a game arcade with over 200 games, from “the classics” to the latest interactive and video games. Students may want to try their hand at casino games, practice their sumo wrestling, take pictures with friends in the photo booth, or choose to sit back and relax in the “chill” room.  The Entertainment Committee is utilizing student input to plan activities appealing to a wide cross section of interests.

5.Why Dave & Buster’s?
The desire this year was to offer something unique for CAPCO, and to pursue an option that makes it feasible to offer the party within the bounds of the available volunteer pool. Dave & Buster’s venue requires very minimal decoration, and provides its own in house restaurant and security provisions.  This attractive facility offers maximum appeal with minimum effort.

6.Is there a charge to attend the CAPCO event?
There is no charge for Juniors and their guest.  There will be a $25 charge for Seniors.

7.Who is eligible to attend?
The CAPCO party is open to Conestoga Juniors, their invited guests, and to any Seniors who desire a second year of fun.  Please note that it is NOT necessary to attend the prom to be eligible to attend the CAPCO party. Every year, a number of students choose to only attend the after party. However, PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED to attend the after party.

Everyone attending must pre-register. Information packets will be mailed to the homes of all Juniors in early April. Registration and Parental Consent forms will also be available on the CAPCO website – – in early April. Students must bring in their completed forms to the CAPCO registration table in the main lobby during lunch periods from April 20 – May 1. There will also be reminder announcements made at school.

8.Will transportation be provided?
Yes, bus transportation to and from Dave & Buster’s will be provided. In fact, all attendees must use the bus transportation that will depart from and return to CHS. Students will be able to select the bus of their choice after they have completed the registration process. All buses will be chaperoned.

9. What time is the after party?
The Party will commence following the Junior Prom and end at   3: 00 AM. Buses will begin loading in front of the school at about 10:15 PM. The last bus is expected to depart Conestoga at about 11:10 PM. At the conclusion of the party, students will re-board the buses for the return to Conestoga. Pick-ups can take place between approximately 3:20 and 3:30 AM.

10. Will I be able to leave the party early or arrive late?
No. For security and safety, everyone who attends must arrive and depart on bus transportation, as scheduled. While the committee understands there may be a variety of extenuating circumstances that influence students to prefer an earlier departure, it is not feasible to accommodate special requests.

11.What do I wear and where do I change?
Students are encouraged to dress casually and comfortably. Changing rooms and a secure coat check will be available at Conestoga. Clothing checked may be picked up after school on Monday, May 11. Every effort will be made to keep stored items safe, but unfortunately, CAPCO can not assume responsibility for personal items.

12.What may I bring?
Students are discouraged from bringing anything of value with them, so they are free to concentrate on having fun. Many may choose to bring cell phones, cameras or small bags, which is acceptable. All bags will be examined prior to boarding buses. Keep in mind, there will be no place to secure belongings at the party.

13. Do I need money at the after prom event?
No. The intent is to provide all activities and food for the after prom as “all inclusive” with registration.  Registration will include the use of all of the Dave & Buster’s action games, with no limitation, throughout the event. Attendees will also receive a Power Card with ample value to play the “premium games”.  In addition, registration will include food.  There will be two food buffets. Earlier in the event, there will be an array of popular finger foods. As the event winds down, a full breakfast buffet will be served. Unlimited soft drinks will be available throughout the evening.

14. Will the tradition of “Memory Lane” be continued?
Yes, CAPCO will continue the tradition of creating display boards of photographs, to allow students to reminisce about their early years and school friends.  Photos can be placed in the Memory Lane box in the CHS main office.  Please note that contributed photos are non-returnable.

15.What security is being provided to assure that the safety goals of CAPCO are fully addressed?
Every aspect of the party planning is factoring in safety and security considerations.  The following measures are being coordinated by the Security Committee:
  • School administration will supervise as students board the buses
  • Community police will be on hand at the school, from check-in through departure
  • Parent chaperones will ride on the buses and monitor exits at Dave & Buster’s
  • Dave & Buster’s security will also be on hand throughout the premises
  • The venue will operate in “lock down” status throughout the event
  • All liquor will be removed

16.Where does CAPCO obtain funding to make this possible?
The Fund Raising Committee is raising the funds needed through various means:
  • Requests to Junior Parents for donations
  • Community grants
  • Solicitations to local businesses
  • Online sales via – “Shop Online” link to Amazon, Macy’s, etc.
  • Fund raising events (bake sales, “Gold Exchange”, Acme receipts, pizza sales, etc.)
NOTE: Remember that every Wednesday in March and April is CAPCO day at Berwyn Pizza. A percentage of sales will be donated to CAPCO. Tell them “CAPCO sent me!”

17.Where can I obtain more information?

Event co-chairs Katie McNabb ( and Joyce Laubach ( ) can be contacted for additional information.

18.Are volunteers needed?
Yes.  There are a variety of volunteer roles.  Parents who volunteer uniformly find that this is a gratifying and even fun experience. What better way to stay close to this, one of the more memorable high school experiences for our teens! Contact Jean Kane ( or Amy Lord ( for additional information.